Girl Scout Tours

Here at Ghost Talk Ghost Walk we LOVE Girl Scouts. We want to encourage you to bring your Girl Scout Troop to visit Savannah and to schedule a walking tour with us. We meet at the John Wesley monument in Reynolds Square for all of our walking tours unless other arrangements are made. The tours are 90 minutes long and cover approximately 1 mile. We walk in light rain (so bring ponchos) but not in heavy rain or thunder and lightening.

We consider each troop reservation a private tour and charge $5.00 for each girl scout (18 and under) and $10.00 for accompanying adults, with no private guide fee.

Because you are a private tour, we are flexible and let you schedule your tour to begin any time between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Girl Scout Patch
Ghost Talk Ghost Walk patch. Only available to
Girl Scouts.

You may phone us with your reservation, but we do require a $30.00 deposit and will be happy to accept your troop check for the deposit, tour and patches. Patches? Yes, we have Ghost Talk Ghost Walk patches available only to Girl Scouts at a special price of $2.00 each. Be sure to request the patches when you make your reservation.